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Our focus is to provide customers with  unique solutions.
Products include plastics, corean & wood carvings extracted from a digital pictures, drawings or existing 2D & 3D clipart.

Wood Carving has never been easier to produce with today's technology.
Finishing requirements can include for stain, lacquer and/or paint.

New for 2011 is Custom Made Furniture that can be ordered as shown or have a 3D carving cut into it.

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phoenix sign
High Gloss Black Piano


Key Features

The  ArtCAM software program can  produce products unique to the market place up to 4’x8’ platform using state of the art CNC equipment.

2D & 3D Carvings can be created from your design or from available patterns.
Engravings carved on pre-finished plaques produce low cost, high contrast professional works of art.
Customers will be able to view the proposed work before going into production.